The House Of Haunt @ The Rockpile – October 30, 2016

The House Of Haunt finished up their four-city Halloween tour with a gig at The Rockpile in Toronto on October 30, 2016. Keyboardist/MC The Red Duke has taken his leave and entered the bowels of Hell, so this was the first Toronto appearance of new support guitarist Django Bloodheart. As always, it was a fun show, with plenty of theatrics and some killer tunes. Check out the pics!

Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

アザナ and KilloneX @ Varit (Kobe, Japan) – October 13, 2016

During my recent trip to Japan, I popped in to a place called Varit in Kobe to see my first ever visual kei concert in the Land of the Rising Sun. There were two bands on the bill アザナ (Azana) and KilloneX. Not only were the bands amazing to watch, but so were the fans – mainly teenage girls – that were headbanging with a ferocity that would put grown men to shame. On top of that, they were doing co-ordinated dance moves in unison. Not something you’re likely to see at a concert in Toronto!

Anyway, the best part of the night was when the two bands combined their forces at the end to play a couple of songs. After the show, I chatted briefly in my broken Japanese with a few band members and bought some CDs. Here are some pics from the show!



アザナ / KilloneX

Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
Lens: 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

54-40, Junkhouse @ The CNE – September 2, 2016

I recently photographed a couple of Canadian bands that were pretty big when I was in my college and university days. 54-40 and Junkhouse played the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) on September 2, 2016.



Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

Gen Gorman making her own pop punk wave

Gen Gorman is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter. She’ll be playing with The Fiscals and Rebel 4 at Burdock on September 9. Here’s a quick interview I recently did with her.

“With The Radio” by Gen Gorman

gen gorman

How did you first get into music?
I got into music when I was a kid, singing in the school choir, and I started writing songs when I was a teenager. And here we are.

What kind of music did you play when you first started out?
I started out on acoustic guitar, because I didn’t have a band. I started gigging around Port Credit, just playing solo acoustic nights. Now, I have a band and we play pop punk, power pop, upbeat kind of stuff. A little bit of alt-rock thrown in, I guess.

What do you enjoy most about performing?
Just the release, especially when you’re playing your own stuff. The connection with your bandmates and the connection with the crowd, if they’re digging it, it’s just the best.

Your debut EP Big Serf came out in 2014. Can you tell us more about it?
Big Serf was kind of a weird one. I was in a turnaround phase. I was in a duo and we got a grant, and then we broke up. I had this money to record with, so I contacted (producer) Ian Blurton and it was just me and him, and he brought in his friend Damon, who’s a drummer – an amazing drummer – and we recorded four songs. And then, I kind of found some people that wanted to play shows with me, and it’s evolved into a new four-piece entity. We all contribute to the songs now.

What’s involved in your songwriting process?
Rumination, mostly. Some people write songs really fast, but I find that it’s just little bits and pieces, and then you just get this feeling like, ‘Yeah, I want to write a song right now.’ And you just kind of stitch it together.

What are you working on currently?
The band and I, we’ve been in the studio this summer. We have a new EP coming out hopefully Novemberish. That’s the plan right now. We’ll see. We have one more song we gotta fix up, and then I think we’re looking at a November release.

What are some of your upcoming plans and goals?
I think we all want to tour. I haven’t played any shows outside of Ontario, so that’s kind of a big one. (My bandmate) Sean is from Nova Scotia, so we’ve talked about going out east a lot. And, eventually releasing a full-length. Maybe making t-shirts. We don’t have any t-shirts yet [laughs]. But I think the biggest thing is that we want to play shows out of Ontario.

Are there any gigs you’ve played that really stand out?
I think one of the best gigs I ever played was at Not My Dog, in Toronto. We only had about five or six songs at the time. The place is so small and it was so packed. I don’t know, it was just the greatest high. Everyone was just grooving to our songs. It was fun.

What can people expect from you at the show at Burdock?
An acoustic set. I think (my bandmate) Mary is going to be joining me on lead guitar. We’re going to be playing some of our new songs, which haven’t come out yet, so we’re excited about that. And I’m most excited about checking out the other bands.

Be sure to catch Gen Gorman in concert with The Fiscals and Rebel 4 on September 9 at Burdock in Toronto. Get more info here: — Or, go to the facebook event page to RSVP:

Check out Gen’s website: