On Tour With The Mandevilles – Feb. 19-22, 2015 (Part One)

The Mandevilles are a 5-piece rock band based in Welland, Ontario, featuring Serena Pryne/vocals, Nick Lesyk/guitar, Taylor Laslo/guitar, Brett Bendo/drums, and Waylon Glintz/bass. (Get more info at heymandevilles.com.) I’ve photographed them on a few occasions, including the first time I saw them play live at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on August 13, 2013.

The Mandevilles (Serena, Waylon, Taylor) @ Horseshoe Tavern – August 13, 2013

The Mandevilles (Nick, Serena) @ Horseshoe Tavern – April 5, 2014

The Mandevilles (Brett) @ Niagara Craft Beer Festival – August 23, 2014

I approached the band in January to see if they’d be interested in having me join them on some tour dates promoting their current album – Windows and Stones – and they graciously agreed. From Feb. 19-22, I tagged along in their van to capture their adventures in Kingston, Ottawa, and Montreal. Incidentally, this was my first time going on tour with a band. Check out the photos below!

Day One – Thursday, Feb. 19

We arranged to meet at Betty’s restaurant in downtown Toronto just before noon, where they had a scheduled interview with OPJAM.com in the upstairs lounge.

Betty’s bar/restaurant – Toronto

Being interviewed by OPJAM.com

Waylon holding a Funglish board game

After the interview, we jumped inside their van and headed east towards Kingston.

Taylor at the helm – Kingston-bound

Eyes on the road

Pit stop for some grub

The whole gang

Coffee time

Brett (everyone calls him “Bendo”) – napping or blinking, not sure which one

Serena – blonde and blue

Waylon riding shotgun

Another pit stop – when you gotta go, you gotta go

When we got to Kingston a few hours later, we still had some time to kill before their scheduled interview at a local TV station. Nick and Waylon wanted to do some exploring, so I shadowed them while the rest of the band went to do I’m not sure what.

Disembarking in Kingston, Ontario

Coffee lover

Scoping out the scene

Men on a mission

Limestone Music

Checking out the wares

Talking shop

Getting a closer look

Brian’s Record Option

Album: Cheap Trick at Budokan

Album: Arkells – High Noon

We met up with the rest of the band and got to the TV station sometime after 4:30pm. They’d be appearing for a sit-down interview on a show called The ‘WS Daily, hosted by one-time MuchMusic VJ Bill Welychka.

CKWS Television

Brett holding court in the green room

Nick about to enjoy a samosa, compliments of one of the other guests on the show

Swanky set

Waiting to go on

Bill Welychka (with The Iron Sheik) interviewing Serena and Nick

Million dollar smile

Promoting the gig at The Mansion in Kingston

Nick: “I’d love to get hit by The Iron Sheik.” Serena: “Can we arrange that?”

We stopped in at a nearby restaurant to get some food in our bellies. Nick decided to grab a bite elsewhere. Smart move, seeing as how most of us gave the food a big thumbs down. Next stop – The Mansion!

Pre-gig dinner

Brett and Taylor chewing the fat

Taylor hamming it up

The Mansion – Kingston, Ontario

Loading in the gear

The Mansion – interior

Wall of booze

Setting up the merch

Discussing the merch

Merch table

Killing time before the show starts

Luke Ottenhof
Up first, local act Luke Ottenhof

Good times

Enormous beer

Up second, Cornwall, Ontario’s Coldrift

Drummer’s high



The Mohrs
The third band up was Toronto-based foursome The Mohrs, who’d also be playing with The Mandevilles at the shows in Ottawa and Montreal. The Mohrs are Jackie Mohr on vocals/guitar, Marc Girardin on guitar, Greg Markham on bass, and Max Trefler on drums.

The Mohrs

Ohhh yes

The Mohrs

The Mohrs

The Mohrs

The Mandevilles
Last up, The Mandevilles


Nick and Serena

Waylon and Taylor



Oh baby!

Waylon and Taylor


Nick and Serena

Taking it up a notch



Serena and Brett bringing it home

Setlist and pedalboard

We were originally scheduled to stay the night in Kingston, but plans changed when the band got booked to do a TV appearance in Ottawa on the morning of the 20th. So, after the gig at The Mansion, we headed for our nation’s capital. It was after 3am by the time we got to the hotel.

Brett filling ‘er up for the drive to Ottawa

Day Two – Friday, Feb. 20

On just a few hours of sleep, we got ready so we could make it to the TV station before 9am as the band was scheduled to perform on CTV Morning Live in Ottawa.

Waylon and the Mandemobile

themandevilles9609_lbp_trManeuvering our ride onto the street

themandevilles9614_lbp_trGood to go

Parked, gathering gear

Heading inside

Waiting for their call time

Early morning blues?

Free coffee and donuts!

Doesn’t wanna work, just wants to bang on the cajón all day

Waylon in a contemplative mood as Serena preps for their TV spot

Brett chatting it up with CTV Morning Live host Jeff Hopper

Setting up

More setting up

Brett, Taylor and Waylon enjoying the “Pet Week” segment before it’s their turn to go on-air

Another pet lover

Serena, Jeff Hopper, and Waylon having a good laugh during the pre-song interview

The Mandevilles performing “Don’t Ask”

Look Ma, we’re on TV!

Post-song chats

Post-song interview – all eyes and ears on Taylor

Back to the hotel after the TV appearance. Most of us went for breakfast (Nick opted to catch up on some sleep). After the meal, the rest of the band followed suit and retired to their room. I couldn’t fall asleep right away, so I went out for a bit to mail a postcard and check out Parliament Hill. There wasn’t much time on this trip for sightseeing, since most of the hours were spent driving, sleeping, or playing shows. Plus, it was super cold out. Who wants to pose for pictures when you’re freezing your tail off?!

Home base

Waiting on breakfast

Working up an appetite

What’s so funny, Taylor?

Please take the damn photo so we can finally eat

Parliament Hill – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

Some of us went to Subway for some dinner at about 6pm. I got yelled at by the staff for having my camera out (though, for the record, I didn’t take a single picture). Apparently, you’re not allowed to take photos in there. Oh well. Next stop, Zaphod’s!

Zaphod Beeblebrox (aka Zaphod’s) – Ottawa, Ontario

Tonight – the Mohrs and the “Mandervilles”

Loading in

Waylon – testing the levels

Brett in his office

Taylor getting set up

They call me MR. Bendo


Friendly reminder

The Mandevilles
The Mandevilles – showtime!

Nick and Serena

Nick, Serena, Waylon

Brett, Serena, Waylon, Taylor

Nick and Serena

I see you

Serena and Waylon

Serena and Waylon

Lean on me


Waylon and Taylor


Feeeelin’ it

Waylon, Brett, Taylor

Time for shots!

The Mohrs
Closing out the show – The Mohrs

The Mohrs

The Mohrs

Raisin’ the roof!

The Mohrs

Merch table

Waylon and Brett having some cold ones at Zaphod’s

A handful of us went out drinking (Nick stayed at the hotel to crash) after the gig at some cool, labyrinth-like bar I can’t remember the name of right now. (I didn’t take any pictures because I felt that going around with my enormous camera and flash in this cozy venue might have been a bit too intrusive. Also, I was busy getting wasted.) We got back quite late, waking Nick up in the process. We ordered mounds of food – pizza, wings, bread, etc. and all was good. Bed time!

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