On Tour With The Mandevilles – Feb. 19-22, 2015 (Part Two)

This is part two of the post On Tour With The Mandevilles – Feb. 19-22, 2015. For part one, click here: On Tour With The Mandevilles – Feb. 19-22, 2015 (Part One).

Day Three – Saturday, Feb. 21

We checked out of the hotel at 1pm (hooray for 1pm checkouts!) and found ourselves in the middle of a blizzard. We got the hell out of Ottawa and headed towards Montreal, careful to not end up in a ditch like so many others. Stopped briefly along the way for some food. Arrived at our hotel just outside of Montreal a few hours or so later. This time around, I roomed with Serena and Waylon, while Nick, Taylor and Brett also shared accommodations. Good way to save some $$$!

Ottawa – winter wonderland

Nick and Brett about to brave the elements


More snow

En route to Montreal

Treacherous driving conditions

Another spinout

Heading out again after a quick meal stop at Subway

Our new home

Hanging in the van while the others go handle check-in

After settling in, I did some picture editing on my laptop so I’d have some images to give to the band for use on their social media. Before long, it was time to start heading out for the show at Quai des Brumes in Montreal!

Elevator down to the lobby, then off to the venue

Quai des Brumes – Montreal, Quebec

Rue Saint-Denis in Montreal

Unloading the van

Gig poster – Gazoline, The Mandevilles, The Mohrs

Quai des Brumes – interior

The Mohrs
Opener: The Mohrs

The Mohrs

Peeping the drummer, part I

Taylor working the merch table during The Mohrs’ set

The Mohrs

The Mohrs

The Mandevilles
Second up: The Mandevilles

The Mandevilles

The Mandevilles

Peeping the drummer, part II

Nick, Taylor, Waylon, Serena

Nick, Taylor, Serena

Nick, Serena, Taylor

Taking a breather


Taylor, Serena, Nick

Nick, Serena, Taylor

Here’s looking at you, kid

Setlist and pedalboard

Headliner: Montreal’s Gazoline





By the time the show ended and all the schmoozing and boozing was done, it was pretty late when we got back to the hotel. I knew going into the tour that I wanted to take some formal band portraits at some point. But with so much going on, and everyone being so tired, I wasn’t sure there’d be time. Somehow, it all managed to come together and everyone piled into our room for a photo shoot.

Never interrupt snack time

Losin’ it

Taylor on the bottle

The Mandevilles

The bed broke right after I took this shot

It was hard getting everyone on the same wavelength, especially Taylor, who was in a playful mood and kept wanting to take his pants off for some reason. Also, it may not have been a good idea to have all five band members standing on the bed, because we soon heard a loud cracking noise. Whoops. That was basically the end of the shoot. Even so, I think we managed to get some fun shots.

Day Four – Sunday, Feb. 22

With all three shows done, we checked out of the hotel, had some food, pumped some gas, and headed back west towards Toronto.

Rise and shine


Who’s the dude with the camera?

All packed

12:02 – time to go

Nick at the checkout desk

Making sure everything is in order

Heading out

Loading up

Almost done

Food stop

Déjeuner Tous Les Jours

Perusing the menu

Good vibes

Waylon, Serena, and a beer tap

Breakfast is served

The van does not run on love alone – fill ‘er up!

Waylon on the job


More love

Even more love

On the road again – Serena #1

On the road again – Serena #2

Setting sun as we head for home

Many thanks to The Mandevilles for being so warm, friendly, and accommodating on this tour. It was a blast. Until next time!

Find out more about The Mandevilles and their music at heymandevilles.com