Stay Warm Fest @ The Danforth Music Hall – December 20, 2015

Canadian hardcore heroes Silverstein headlined the first ever Stay Warm Fest at The Danforth Music Hall on Sunday, December 20. The other bands on the bill were Cancer Bats, Beartooth, Seaway, Capsize, Cardinals Pride, and Safe To Stay. I was there from about 5-10:30, which is a long time to be at a concert, but they thankfully had a photo pit, so it wasn’t too bad. The shooting conditions were a bit on the brutal side. Lots of flashing lights, lots of darkness. Hard to get proper exposures, hard to get shots in focus. In the end, I got the shots I needed to get, though it was far from my greatest shoot. Still, I don’t mind these mini festivals. Great chance to photograph a bunch of bands all at once. I shot this for Aesthetic Magazine Toronto. Click the link to see the full set of concert photos.


Cancer Bats




Cardinals Pride

Safe To Say

Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM